by Abbotoir

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Ultimate Cessation


released June 3, 2017

Null Extra.




all rights reserved


Abbotoir Ireland

Autotelic Sentience.


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Track Name: Forge
Voidborne Host Womb
Bygone Lithic Toil
Nulled Subjugation
Absconsion Of Rites Beyond

Vires Acquirit Eundo
Fluctuat Nec Mergitur
Imperium In Imperio
Vox Nihili

Ignoble Elations; Gaunt Colonies Expire
Lithospheric Dismay In Hopeless Abandon

Expunged Dimensions
Anticosmic Forge
Silicon Transfusion
Impend Future Wrath

Transit Lux; Umbra Permanet
Rebirthed Aeons Rescinding Swathes

Remnants In Reverence
Track Name: Eternities Debased
Discarded Cohesion; Stochastically Dismantled
Structural Hubris In Native Human Design

Chasms Of Transient Forms; Submerged And Profligate
Dismembered Ontologies Fragment The Unborn Ideal
Lathered Apex In Searing Denial; Converged To Terminus
Fluctuant Variance Of Current Phase;
Forged Eternities Debased.

Metamorphosed Dust, A Cosmogony Denied
Forlorn Remnants Ascend Towards Prevalent Red
Dissolved Periphery Burdened In Surplus Mass
Depletion Of Cosmic Life; A Mirrored Light’s Abode

Aqua Vitae A Priori
Igne Natura
Renovatur Integra
Sum Quod Eris

Writhed Caustic Stress; Aberrated Core
Aeons Bereft In Transposed Origination